How online casino hide from bad things

An online casino normally will hide their real server ip by setting a reverse proxy . So public user can only see the private ip address or cannot see the ip address. 

What the reverse proxy do?

A common reverse proxy server example happens when a company has a large e-commerce website. It can’t handle its incoming traffic with just one server, so it uses a reverse proxy server to direct requests from its users to an available server within the pool. There are various methods to direct this traffic, such as round robin load balancing.

Another great use for a reverse proxy server is to cloak a site’s main server because they are concerned about protecting the server from malicious attacks by users. Such a site can appear to be hosted among many servers, and typically only public-facing servers do go down, protecting the backend server.

So the govern agency will not able to locate where they keep the server. Why they need to know where is the website’s server located?  It is because if found the server, then probably can find who is the owner of the website and govern party can investigate the illegal gambling business .

Nowadays, most big online casino company host their website in cloud and using the reverse proxy server.