Before introduce Online Casino Insurance Company

What issue we are facing Now?

The prevalent Covid pandemic has wiped out many businesses across the globe. With the restrictions on companies, many workers are facing redundancies and it is further expected to see heaps of businesses facing closure or downsizing due to uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.

Businesses are one of the hardest-hit areas to feel the effect of the pandemic. A few businesses have faced huge losses while some have needed to shut down. With the pandemic’s ripple effects still disrupting global businesses and social lives, the untoward situation has come up with layoffs, pay cuts, an unstable stock market, and an uncertain future for many people. In the distress situation, most striving individuals can’t see an exit from their income issues and are struggling to pay even their utility bills like rent of the house, meal expenses, car loans, tuition fees, house loans, and other day-to-day expenses. 

On the contrary, Online Casino Insurance Companies have continued to grow impressively, even during the pandemic. In fact, the opportunity of safe investment, self-improvement, and financial freedom has not only provided mental peace to its members but bumped up growth resulting in more financially secured individuals.

How they made it possible? A major reason for the unrivaled successful growth of the business and this positive trajectory is a new and unique business model and exclusive insurance plan.

Why Insurance Policy?

With our paced life, everybody is prone to some kind of danger and threats. There is no doubt that knowing that you and your loved ones are financially protected from a number of unforeseen circumstances would give you more peace of mind.

Bearing the financial impacts of the inevitable situations can burn a hole in your pocket and derail your finances. You could have to use some of your family’s or your own savings. In today’s era, there are a variety of insurances like Home Insurance, Company Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Deposit Insurance, and much more to provide financial security in case of any mishap. 

Why Online Casino Insurance is Required?

When we are choosing an online casino, we are not only choosing entertainment for ourselves, but we are also choosing a financial institution to entrust with our money. Just like any other financial institution, online casinos are required to have insurance in order to protect their customers’ money in the event of theft, fraud, or other losses.

There are a variety of reasons why online casino insurance is required. For one, online casinos are held to a higher standard than land-based casinos. This is because they are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, which means that there is a higher risk of fraud and theft.


Salient features of Online Casino Insurance Policy

Some well-reputed Insurance policy companies tailor their coverage for online gaming at casinos especially baccarat with a robust Risk Management Program to protect you from even the most catastrophic occurrence. We will discuss here a comprehensive Online Casino Insurance plan that fits your unique situation.

Online Casino Insurance Marketing Plan

The 3-win business model has exciting offers for its members. It has simple operations and the monthly net profit of up to 40% allows you to earn as much as you want in a month.


Play 06 rounds based on package amount between 5th and 35th game. Once the task of the day is completed, you win a game. In case of a draw, repeat the same amount on the previous round.

The plan also features an currency way to bet which consists of 6 rounds based on your package amount with a premium of 10-150 depending upon our package (if you didn’t play that day).

Insurance Coverage

To ensure your account is active and protected by the Insurance Company, 30% of the Online Casino Insurance coverage fee will be occurred. For example: Package A 12700 = 30USDT. The earnings of 30USDT will be divided into 5o% Company, 40% market, and 10% pool bonus.

How to claim Online Casino Insurance?

With the fascinating slogan that “if you lose, we insure you and if you win, we share profit”, these insurance companies have simplified the insurance claiming process. If you lost 06 rounds in a row and all plan’s scores, you can claim your insurance for which the following 02 screenshots need to be submitted to the insurance account:

1.         If you lost the last round (after the 6th round, take the screenshot of the current page showing table number, ID, and road record).  

2.         Game details.

It is noteworthy that the package period is 120 days. If the insurance has not been claimed for 120 days of coverage, the package amount will be unlocked and withdrawn once the package ends. You will have to repurchase the package to renew the insurance.

The perks of the Online Casino Insurance plan have not ended here and there is a lot ahead to reap. Stroll down to explore some more mind-blowing features:

Referrer Commission

When introducing a new member to join the plan, you will get 10% of the new member package. For example, if the new member’s package is $ 10,900, you will get
$ 1,090 and if his / her package is $ 2,180, you will receive $ 218. This means the higher the package, the greater the commission you will get.  

Insurance Agent Leadership Commission

This is another incredible feature of the plan through which you can earn a substantial amount of money. Here the platform allocates 50% of the premium received to the leaders as a reward. For example, if the platform received $ 100 premium from team A, the leader will get the reward of $ 50.

Membership Level  

In this feature of the Online Casino Insurance plan, the rewards are given according to stars categorization up to 6 stars. The 1 star receives 20%, 2 star 40%, 3 star 60%, 4 star 80%, 5 star 90% and 6 star 100% + 10% global dividend (split equally).

Reward Range System

In this reward system, the member gets rewards as per the stars classification. Let’s take the Online Casino Insurance plan of $10900 as an example. The estimated income for agents at all levels will be as follows:

            (1)       2 Stars – monthly income up to $ 2400

            (2)       3 Stars – monthly income up to $ 8400

            (3)       4 Stars – monthly income up to $ 28800

            (4)       5 Stars – monthly income up to $ 106200

Bole Rewards In this feature, a referrer can get a 2% income of the same or above levels. Let’s say, the referee is of the same or high level, if you are 3 star, the referee is 3 star/4 star/5 star/6 star, you can get 2% income of the referee’s commission total income.