Online Casino Promotion Bonus Secret Revealed

You almost seen every online casino site has been giving out many promotion. Let ‘s share what are the promotion secret revealed.

Basically there are 5 types of bonus , i.e:

Pre Bonus , post Bonus , Cashable , Non Cashable, Cashback

Pre Bonus = the bonus is posted to your account before you start playing, and is part of the funds, along with your deposit, that you can use for your wagering. For example – Welcome bonus

Post Bonus = the bonus is put in your account after you complete the amount of play required. For this kind of a bonus, you would always be able to withdraw it, and any of your deposit and / or winnings, at this point. For example – bet 100 free 100 and win over 500 is able to withdraw the bonus

Cashable = the bonus cash in your account is your money to keep as soon as you’ve fulfilled all the rules and regulations regarding what you have to do to earn it; the casino will pay you exactly the amount you have in your account when you press the “withdrawal” button. For example – Reload bonus with zero turnover

Non Cashable = the bonus amount cannot be converted into cash. When you request a withdrawal, and again assuming that all the myriad of rules have been adhered to, the casino will first deduct the bonus amount, then pay you the remainder. For example – Free Spin for slots games

Cashback – this amounts to a refund of losses, and can obviously only be credited to your account after you finish playing (post-wager) and you’ve lost a certain amount. It will be advertised as a percentage of your losses.

What are bonuses?

Bonuses are probably the single most highly-rated marketing tool in the online casino industry’s arsenal of weapons in its aggressive drive to acquire players. As a means of encouraging you to make a deposit, casinos will offer a sum of free money, ranging between anything from 50% up to 500% or more of your initial deposit amount, posted into your account at some point during the cycle of depositing and cashing out. The word “free” is something of a red herring, since the conversion of your bonus cash into withdrawable funds usually entails complying with so many rules, terms and conditions as to make you wonder why you bothered in the first place.