What Are Megaways, Hyperhold, Hourly Drop, Respin, and Buy Feature in Slots Games?

Slots games have become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more players trying their luck online. It’s no surprise then that game developers have had to come up with new mechanics to keep players engaged. Megaways, Hyperhold, Hourly Drop, Respin and Buy feature are just a few of the different features that can be found in slots games today. Let’s take a look at each of them in more detail.


Megaways is a feature introduced by Big Time Gaming which offers a huge number of ways for players to win. This is achieved by having randomly generated reels and paylines for every spin. Each reel can contain different symbols, meaning there could potentially be millions of unique combinations during each spin. For example, a 6-reel Megaways slot might offer up to 117649 ways to win! With Megaways, each reel can feature from two to seven symbols per spin. As the reels spin, the number of visible symbols on them changes randomly, meaning that the number of ways to win also changes with every single spin.


Hyperhold is another exciting feature from Big Time Gaming which offers players the chance of winning big prizes just by spinning the reels. As you play on the slot machine you will build up a pot of gold coins which can be used to purchase extra spins or used as part of special events like tournaments and leaderboard challenges. The aim is to collect as many coins as possible before they reset when you hit the jackpot or run out of time.

Hourly Drop

Hourly Drop is an incredibly popular game mechanic where prizes are given out on an hourly basis for those lucky enough to land on the right reels at the right time! Players who manage this feat will receive items such as free spins or cash rewards – all completely free. These games come equipped with progressive prize pools that increase until the time when one lucky player takes home the entire prize pool in one go; hours waiting become seconds of anticipation!


Respin is another feature commonly seen in slots games where players are given another chance after losing a spin. It offer yet another way for players to extend their playing time while increasing their chances of winning big prizes – this feature allows you to respin any reel at your own cost as many times as you want. If a respin results in a win then you get rewarded accordingly; if not then you get nothing back!

Buy Feature

Lastly we have Buy Feature which was first introduced by Playtech back in 2020 and lets players buy access directly into one of their bonus rounds without having to spin through the base game beforehand – ideal if you’re impatient or just feeling particularly lucky! By paying an additional fee (usually between 10-20% higher than your regular bet) you can jump straight into any bonus round available in your chosen slot machine – making it easier than ever before for anyone wanting some quick action!