What is HDP , OU , 1×2 , DC, OE, FG LG , HTFT , Mix Parlay, Outright in Sports Betting

Sports betting is a popular pastime for many people, but for the uninitiated it can seem like a complex and intimidating activity. It is a form of wagering on the outcome of a sporting event or game. It can involve one bettor placing a single bet on an outcome, or multiple bettors betting on different outcomes. People often place bets on sports for entertainment purposes, although many professional and semi-professional gamblers also make use of sports betting as part of their income. There are numerous types and variations of sports betting available to gamblers, each with its own set of associated terms and jargon. To help those new to sports betting, we will explain below some of the most common sports betting terms, including HDP, O/U, 1×2, DC, O/E, FG/LG, HT/FT, Mix Parlay, and Outright.


HDP stands for Handicap. This type of bet is often used when there is an uneven match-up between two teams or players. In this case, one team or player may be given a head start in order to even out the odds and offer more attractive prices to bettors. For example, if Team A was much stronger than Team B in a football match then you might see the bookmaker offering Team B with a +1 goal handicap. This means that Team B would start the game 1-0 up and even though you could still back either side to win (with reduced odds) a bet on Team A would only be successful if they won by 2 goals or more.


O/U stands for Over/Under and refers to bets which involve predicting whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under an amount set by the bookmaker. This bet does not require you to pick which team will win – instead you are simply predicting whether there will be more or less goals than the bookmaker’s stated number. For example if an O/U line was set at 2.5 goals in a football match then you could bet on over 2.5 (if you think 3 or more goals will be scored) or under 2.5 (if you think 2 or fewer goals will be scored).


1×2 is shorthand for three-way betting i.e. bets on who will win the match (Team A), who will draw (X) or who will lose (Team B). It’s one of the simplest bets available and it works exactly as it sounds – you make your choice from these three options and wait for results to determine whether your bet was successful! For example: if you placed a 1×2 wager on Arsenal versus Tottenham Hotspur it means that you’re predicting either Arsenal will win (1), it will be a draw (X) or Tottenham Hotspur will win (2).


DC stands for Double Chance which combines two outcomes into one wager so that if either one happens then your bet wins – thus giving you better chances of winning! It is usually offered in football matches where there are three potential outcomes; Home Win, Draw or Away Win; by combining two of them together. For example: if you placed a double chance wager on Liverpool versus Everton then it could mean that either Liverpool wins OR there’s no winner OR Everton wins – any other result would mean that your bet would lose.


O/E stands for Odds & Evens which refers to bets on whether an event’s outcome will include an odd number or an even number – for example when betting on how many goals there will be in a football match you can choose ‘odd’ if you believe there’ll be an odd number of goals scored OR ‘even’ if you believe there’ll be an even number of goals scored! This type of wager also applies to other events such as tennis matches where players must win sets in order for their opponent’s score to reach either an odd total (3-1; 5-3 etc.) or even total (4-0; 6-2 etc.).


FG/LG stand for FG/LG stand for Full Goal & Half Goal and refer to Asian Handicaps where specific scores are offered at certain prices depending on whether they are full goal lines e.g 1-0 OR half goal lines e.g 0-0 1/2; 0-1 1/2 etc.. When using these markets it is important to note that most bookmakers do not offer refunds if games end with half goal scores so bear this in mind when placing bets!


HT/FT stands for Half Time / Full Time which involves predicting both what the result of a game at half time AND full time will be. It’s similar to double chance but has slightly different rules since both halves must be correctly predicted rather than just one being enough! For instance :if we were looking at Manchester United against Chelsea then HT could mean predicting Man Utd leading at Half time while FT can mean predicting Man Utd winning overall after 90 minutes playtime – getting both halves right decides success here too!.

Mix Parlay

Mix parlay is another popular form of sports betting whereby multiple selections are combined into one single wager with enhanced odds being offered due to increased risk involved with such accumulator type wagers – for example you choose 3 different teams all playing different games across various leagues and combine them as part of your mix parlay wager. If all 3 teams win their respective matches then your winning payout could potentially increase significantly compared with just placing individual bets on each selection separately!


Finally, Outright betting in sports is a form of wagering where you place a wager on the outcome of an entire season or tournament, rather than just one single match. An outright bet generally involves picking the team or individual athlete that you think will ultimately be crowned as champions of their respective tournament at the end of it all. For example, if you were to place an outright bet on a football team at the beginning of the season (before any matches have been played) then you would need to wait until that season has finished before knowing whether your bet wins or loses.