Evolution Gaming Fan Tan

Evolution Gaming Fan Tan

Appreciate the one-of-a-kind mystique of Fan Tan! Live as well as genuine in every information, this is a first-rate on the internet variation of the old and much-travelled Asian bead lottery. Evolution Fan Tan is a magnificent and also gorgeous game that’s so very easy to play. Beyond the simplicity, nevertheless, is an abundant variety of additional bets that make this traditional game additional exciting and also interesting.


Based on the duplicated separation of a random variety of beads into organized lines of four, Evolution’s Fan Tan is a classic lottery where you can choose the level you want to dip into. Stick with a straightforward collection of bets or choose a more advanced set of Fan Tan bets that provide you a lot more betting opportunities and also possibilities of winning! In either case, the beautifully straightforward goal coincides: predict the variety of beads that will certainly stay in the last line of beads. Will it be 1, 2, 3 or 4?


Select from default video game view, which is fantastic for getting to know the game, or switch to advanced game view. The default sight shows the main Fan Tan bet types, while the advanced view consists of even more of the conventional Fan Tan bet kinds.


Start conveniently with the standard bet types: Fan Tan (bet on a single number: 1, 2, 3, or 4), or put an Odd or Even, Big or Small bet.

Want the full-on Fan Tan experience? Be familiar with the bets than Fan Tan lovers simply love: the Nim bet with its several variations, the Kwok bets as well as the Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) bets. Our self-explanatory betting grids make the game incredibly simple to grab.


For many gamers, the more they enter Fan Tan, the even more they intend to discover the patterns that emerge as well as to see exactly how fellow players are betting. All of this is made basic with Evolution Fan Tan.

Live Betting Statistics for the present video game round (variety of gamers that have placed bets on the major bet areas and also total quantity bets), Recent Game Results, and also Detailed Statistics for approximately the last 500 game rounds are all there for gamers, making Fan Tan an even more captivating and interesting video gaming experience.

Past the simplicity, nonetheless, is a rich range of added bets that make this traditional game additional amazing and fascinating.

Stick with an easy collection of bets or decide for a more sophisticated set of Fan Tan bets that give you lots of even more betting opportunities as well as opportunities of winning! Get to understand the bets than Fan Tan lovers simply like: the Nim bet with its multiple variations, the Kwok bets as well as the Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) bets. Our obvious betting grids make the game extremely simple to pick up.