Barn Festival

Barn Festival

Pragmatic Play

Barn Festival Pragmatic Play Slot Machine

Barn Festival is one of the hottest slot games from Pragmatic Play. Barn Festival has 20 paylines with a maximum win of 20,000x your stake and an adjustable casino RTP of 96.45%/95.31%/94.46%. Just to say, fair play… Pragmatic Play? It’s the customizable RTP settings option you pick there.

Barn Festival online slot is a scatter-payer game, which means that all symbols act as scatters, all you have to pay attention to is to get as many of the same type of symbol on the screen as possible. Moreover, it is also a reel/cascading reel game, which means you can win multiple times from a single paid spin. A multiplier modifier has been included and is called on the non-winning spin which also happens to include the three money bag scatter symbols.

How does all the fun of the farm sound so far? Why not learn more about the game in our full review below, where you can also access and play Barn Festival’s free demo slot. You can try this workout mode any time on your desktop, tablet and compatible mobile devices.

Can be played from IDR 200 to 1200,000 per round, Barn Festival is also a continuation of games like Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus because it uses a scatter payment system. Wins are formed as long as 8 or more matching symbols are seen anywhere on the 6×5 game panel. There are three RTP settings to watch out for, the highest being 96.45%, while the volatility is rated at 5 out of 5, meaning it is as volatile as the Pragmatic slot.

Paytable Barn Festival combines the theme with standard slot iconography. On the low side, players get suits of diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades, paying 2-8x the bet when 12 is seen. Next are eggplant, corn, toadstool, oranges, and strawberries as premium symbols, where a 12-symbol scatter win is worth 10 to 50 times the stake. Wins trigger the drop feature, which removes the respective symbol, allowing new symbols to fall into the gap. Tumbling continues until no new scatter wins occur after the fall.

So, apparently, the Barn Festival does exist and takes place in parts of the United States as well as other countries, sometimes under slightly different names but essentially the same thing – a warehouse rented by a promoter to be used as a temporary venue for an event, usually a dance festival, rock concert, or some other type of music-based gathering. This type of show was hugely popular since the early sixties and only really died down when the “raves,” as they were called, were made illegal after several deaths allegedly caused by the consumption of illegal drugs. The drug Ecstasy, which is street slang for Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA is especially maligned. Unfortunately, that’s a story for another time, but the story of how we ended up with the modern nightclub and all the troubles associated with it is very interesting indeed.

Coming back to the point, the Barn Festival video slot looks fantastic – Pragmatic Play have really upped their game in the last three to five years in terms of their game presentation. The animation is very smooth, the symbols are drawn in high definition quality to the highest standards, and the sound is… ah, yes… the sound. Well, that sure is interesting – I was hoping it would get me going fast, but surprisingly found myself still humming at the end of my time testing the slot for this review. I don’t think I want to hear it for another two hours now!

Payout and Bet Amount

As for payouts, the top end is filled with strawberries – a huge outlier with a monster payout (relatively) of 50x your bet for hitting 12 or more over a single spin. We played on an incredibly large 6×5 playing field, and this large reel area definitely fits this type of game where all symbols pay out as scatters. You really need as many positions as possible for the symbol to land, and 6×5 makes a total of 30 such positions. With 12 or more needed for the biggest win, the mathematicians among you will realize that means a big 40% of the total playing area. After Strawberry, Orange pays 50x, Toadstool 30x, and Corn 24x.

Bets are placed using a combination of coin size and value, although you can bypass this by heading straight for the plus and minus arrows on either side of the spin if you prefer. The minimum bet is IDR 200, and the maximum is IDR 1200,000 per spin which is ridiculous – perfect for any player!

The money symbol is the springboard for the Festival Barn special feature, leading to winning multipliers in the base game and Festival Barn Money Respin, depending on how many are seen. The first thing to know about money symbols is that they land at a random value of 1x to 500x the total bet.

Bonus Features

Win Multiplication
When exactly 3 money symbols land across a falling sequence, their value is converted to a win multiplier which is added together and applied to the total win at the end of the sequence. If exactly 3 money symbols land at the start of the round before a fall occurs, and there are no wins, the value of the money symbols is added and kept. Then, the symbol is replayed until a win occurs, and a multiplier can be applied to it.

Money Respin Features
If 4 or more money symbols hit, the Money Respin feature is activated. This bonus is played in a 4×5 square with the trigger money symbol locked in place, and 3 respins awarded. When new symbols hit, they also lock and reset the respin count. In addition to money symbols, special symbols can also land:

  • Add Value – adds a random value to all money symbols on the screen, then changes to money symbols.
  • Multiply – multiply 2 to 5 money symbols by x2, x3, x4, or x5, then convert to money symbols.
  • Collect – collects the value of all visible money symbols.
  • Unlock – add reels to the grid then become money symbols.
  • Persistent Add – adds value to the money symbol in current and future respins.
  • Persistent Multiply – multiply 2 to 5 money symbols by x2, x3, x4, or x5 on current and future respins.
  • Persistent Collect – collects the value of all money symbols in the current view and all future respins.

The round ends when the respin ends, the winning limit is reached, or all positions are filled. If all are filled, an additional 500x the bet is added to the total winnings.

Buy Respin
If available in your jurisdiction, you can purchase the respin feature for 100x the bet instead of waiting for the required number of money symbols to land.

Overall, Barn Festival is probably the best entry in Pragmatic Play’s scatter pay range and offers things that its predecessors didn’t. It has to be said that most of the new bits are thanks in large part to the Money Train 2 monster from Relax Gaming. However, if you can ignore this fact, then Barn Festival has a lot to offer players interested in OP hold ‘n win style play with the help of extra special symbols to add to the experience.

It could be said that the Barn Festival base game provided more excitement. There is an excellent scatter payout mechanism, and having a money symbol multiplier is a plus. It’s also quite generous, as the multiplication is still saved if there is no win and is used on the next scatter win, so it won’t be wasted. The simpler themes may not appeal to the more complicated slots lovers out there. Even so, Pragmatic Play has packaged everything in Barn Festival to make it easy to enjoy.

There’s not much to say about the bonus rounds as they are mostly pretty much the same as in other games. The odds of hitting a max win are 1 in 3,215,434, which doesn’t look bad in the grand scheme of things. It’s interesting to note that the 20k max win is technically less than Sweet Bonanza’s claimed potential, despite ‘claimed’ to be the operative word.