Baron Samedi Slot

Baron Samedi Slot


Prepare to enter a world of magic, mystery and voodoo – the much-misunderstood religion most commonly associated with Haiti. 

Voodoo is much feared thanks to its array of rather fearsome gods, known as Loa, of which Baron Samedi (which translates as Baron Saturday) is the leader. Usually depicted as wearing a dark tuxedo and with the face of a skeleton, the Baron’s nostrils are often plugged with cotton in a nod to burial customs associated with practitioners of the religion. 

Accompanied by his wife, the equally frightening Maman Brigette, the Baron has the power of life and death over his believers, with the ability to cure all illnesses. Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte also know how to turn living people into zombies, so it pays to stay on the right side of this power couple! 

And now, thanks to the skills and talents of Yggdrasil – a relative newcomer to the world of online gaming, but one which has already amassed a huge following – you can experience all the mystery associated with the dark arts of voodoo. Baron Samedi is an action-packed online slots game that’s been created in HTML 5, which means that it will display as perfectly on your mobile and tablet as on your desktop computer. This is a game that you can play anytime, anywhere, with no bulky or time-consuming downloads necessary, so you can enjoy gaming on the go.

First Impressions Of Baron Samedi

Yggdrasil has built up quite a reputation for creating online slots games that really go that extra mile to fulfil player expectations. Baron Samedi is no exception, and from the moment that the game loads you just know that you’re in for a real visual treat, albeit one with a hefty dose of creepiness too!

As the game loads, you find yourself looking down at a voodoo fortune-teller’s table. It’s constructed from metal and wood, decorated with some elaborate scrollwork, but there’s no avoiding the sharp edges, reminiscent of knife blades, that proliferate throughout the design.

Around the edges of the table are objects and artefacts associated with voodoo, such as beads, candles and animal skulls. A cigarette is burning in an ashtray, while a cup bubbles with a mysterious potion. Across the top of the tray are two compartments containing playing cards, and three spaces for playing cards are aligned in between them.

The symbols on the reels are all perfectly in keeping with the voodoo theme. Baron Samedi himself and his wife Brigitte both make an appearance, along with voodoo doll representations of each of them. There’s a rather scary-looking ram’s head Wild and a skull in a top hat Free Spins symbol too, as well as a mysterious potion mystery symbol. Each symbol has been artistically rendered with great attention to detail, and when any of the symbols feature in a winning line, they animate as an extra touch of excitement.

Most online slots games feature playing card symbols too, but in Baron Samedi these have been replaced by four jewels. Even these fairly simple icons have been crafted with the utmost attention to detail, including highlighting that makes them appear as though they were three-dimensional multi-faceted gemstones.

The soundtrack can make or break an online slots game. In far too many games the music is more of an annoyance than anything else, which is one reason why all games manufacturers and developers always include a switch for toggling the sounds on or off, according to preference. In Baron Samedi the sounds have been created to perfectly complement the game’s theme, so you can expect a creepy backing track of rhythmic drumming, reminiscent of a voodoo ceremony.

Playing Baron Samedi For Free

Baron Samedi isn’t the most intuitive online slots game we’ve tried, so it’s highly recommended that players should spend as much time as possible getting acquainted with the game in Free Play mode before wagering real cash on the outcome.

At Slots Temple you can play as much as you like in Free Play using a virtual balance, which allows you to sample all the various aspects of gameplay to your heart’s content. Experiment with wagering, by betting high and low, and see for yourself how the game stacks up against your favourite slots games. Once you’ve triggered all of the bonus features of gameplay, then you can make an informed decision about whether or not to play for real money at one of our partner casino sites.

Even high-rollers with many years of experience of online slots action under their belt can benefit from an extended session of Free Play gaming. This allows you ample opportunity to calculate the most informed betting strategy and could lead you to some Mega Wins if luck’s on your side too.

How To Play Baron Samedi

If you’re an experienced player, it probably won’t take you long to familiarise yourself with the controls of Baron Samedi. But if you’re a complete newcomer to online gaming, you should take the time to explore the controls so that you become as familiar as possible with them.

You’ll find all of your player controls on the console at the bottom of the playing area. In the centre, directly below the third reel, you’ll see the Spin button, which is purple with a circular arrow on it. Click or tap on this button, and the reels will start spinning. They stop automatically, and any winning lines are picked out and highlighted for you, with winning symbols animating for extra entertainment.

Of course, you need to adjust your bet to make the most of the game. There are 25 paylines, all of which are activated for every spin, so there’s no need to worry about how many to include each time. All you have to do is decide on the amount of your coin bet. The idea of coins goes back to the days when slots machines could only be found in bricks-and-mortar casinos and punters had to insert coins for each play. Today the coin value is virtual at Slots Temple and is covered by the player’s deposit in an online casino, but the terminology remains.

In Baron Samedi you can select a coin value of between £0.004 and £5 per line. Keep in mind that this coin value will be multiplied by 25 for each spin, as there are 25 active paylines, so your actual cost per line will vary between £0.10 and £125. Once you’ve selected your coin bet by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons towards the left-hand side of your console, you’ll see your total bet amount shown in a window just to the right of your coin bet.

Just to the left of the Spin button you’ll see a window marked Max Bet. Clicking or tapping on this window will apply the maximum allowable bet of £125, as well as spinning the reels, so make sure this is what you intend before activating this feature.

You also have the option of setting up the Autoplay function, which saves you from constantly hitting Spin each time you want to set the reels in motion. Tapping or clicking on Autoplay, which is positioned just to the right of the Spin button, brings up a menu of options. Simply choose how many times you would like Autoplay to run for and the reels will keep spinning without any intervention from you. You can cancel this feature at any time simply by clicking or tapping on the Spin button, which becomes a Stop button for the duration of Autoplay.

You can tailor gameplay to your precise requirements even further if you wish. Simply tap or click on the purple cross towards the lower left-hand side of your playing area and a menu of options will appear. Here you can access the game’s paytable, view the rules of the game, toggle sounds off and on, set up the reels to spin faster or slower and decide additional parameters for the Autospin function.

Baron Samedi Wilds, Scatters And Special Symbols

Wilds and Scatters add to the fun of online gaming, offering extra chances to win and providing access to additional great features.

The Wild in Baron Samedi is the ram’s head skull symbol, which is clearly marked as a Wild. This means that it can substitute for just about any other symbol on the reels, apart from the Scatter and the Mystery Symbol. This gives you plenty of additional opportunities to scoop a win, or even multiple wins from a single spin.

The game’s Scatter symbol is the Free Spins token featuring the skeleton in the top hat. Just two of these will trigger a Voodoo Respin, whilst three or more give you access to the Free Spins Bonus Round. Three Free Spin symbols will earn you a total of seven Free Spins plus 50 coins. Four Free Spin symbols reward you with 12 Free Spins and 375 coins, whilst five Free Spin symbols will deliver an impressive 25 Free Spins and 25,000 coins.

The Mystery symbol is represented by a potion bottle. It can only appear during Respins and Free Spins, but when it does appear it has the power to magically change into another symbol with the potential to bring you big wins.

Baron Samedi Free Spins Feature Cards

As an extra bonus feature, Baron Samedi includes an array of Feature Cards, which are awarded during Free Spins and Respins. Each card carries a bonus award, and the player collects examples of each card that go towards further Free Spins when you attain a sufficient number of each type of card.

But each card also offers its own benefit, providing Free Spins, Mystery Symbols, Stacked Symbols, Super Stacked Symbols, Random Wilds and Multipliers. That means that your chances of achieving a Big Win, or even a Mega Win, are greatly enhanced throughout the Bonus rounds.

Baron Samedi RTP

The RTP, or Return To Player, of the Baron Samedi online slots game is 97%. This means that out of every £100 that players spend playing the game, the casino return £97 to players, retaining just £3.

Don’t mistake this figure and assume that every player spending £100 on the game will receive the same returns. Of course, some players will scoop big wins playing the game, resulting in much higher returns, whilst others will fail to break even during a gaming session