Chicken Chase

Chicken Chase

Pragmatic Play

Chicken Chase Slot Review

There is a saying that once said don’t judge a book by its cover. This also applies in the field of online slot gambling. How many times have we sat down to review some adorable looking slots and ended up being savage? Studios like Hacksaw Gaming or Peter & Sons (among others) are great at building games with a hefty sting in their tail while looking sweet and innocent on the outside. With this in mind, Pragmatic Play’s Chicken Chase is an anomaly. It’s a game that starts off sweet and gets softer as the review progresses. Time to get ready for the chase.

A quick glance at the animals in Chicken Chase’s 5×3 reel set provides all the clues needed to fill any storyline gap. Obviously, the chase involved a hungry wolf chasing a farmer’s fowl. The game is set on a classic looking slot farm, all red barn, hay, windmills, and the sun setting over majestic mountain peaks. It’s beautiful, and the cartoon-drawn creatures work together with the oompah/saloon soundtrack to make players feel comfortable.

Normally, we’d say don’t take it easy because the action will quickly heat up, but, well, Chicken Chase isn’t really that kind of game. The max wins are doozy, as you’ll see, while running the game is a low volatile math that Pragmatic Play rates as 2 out of 5 lightning. Operators have four RTP settings to choose from, ranging from 96.48% at the top, to 94.55% at the lower end of the scale. Chasing the rooster or running from the big bad wolf, however you want to tilt it, can be done on any device, while bets can range from 10 credits to 100 can be set.

Covering the game grid are 10 fixed paylines to land winning combinations of three or more of the same suit. On the down side of the pay table are Bars, strawberries, broccoli, eggplant, and peppers, paying out 5-10 times the stake for a five-of-a-kind hit. Next up are the rooster, turkey and rooster as the three premium symbols, worth 30-80x the bet for five of a kind. Even more valuable is the blue wolf wild symbol, pulling 200x for five lines, or, the wild animal lands on any reel to replace the regular paying symbols.

Chicken Chase Slots Features
In terms of features, Chicken Chase has a unique spin and hold feature that is often triggered, plus a quickfire pick ‘n click bonus feature.

Hold and Spin Features
This one is a little different. When you hit spin and don’t get a five of a kind win, a respin is awarded. This game pays out after a respin, or if a winning combo of 5 of a kind lands in the initial spin. Between the initial round and the respin, the player gets two options. One, the Player can choose which reel to hold for respin. Or, let the game pick a randomly held reel. Respins are free in both cases, and players can deselect any reels the game chooses.

Additional Bonus Features
Getting 3 or more golden egg bonus symbols triggers the bonus feature. Very simply, four chickens appear on the screen and the player chooses one to win an instant prize. Prizes can be:

  • Bet 2x, 4x, 12x or 50x if the feature is triggered with 3 bonus symbols.
  • Bet 4x, 8x, 24x, 100x if the feature is triggered with 4 bonus symbols.
  • 6x, 12x, 36x, 150x bet if feature is triggered with 5 bonus symbols.

And that’s it for the review regarding the Chicken Chase slot. These slot games are able to make everything feel more fun. A little emotional commitment is required, which may be ideal for light sessions. The problem is, to say that Chicken Chase’s rewards tend to be low is an understatement. This is a game for those who appreciate the dynamics of low volatility slots, often shooting, though not spectacular, wins.

It’s not hard to see some players are interested in what Chicken Chase has to offer. In some cases, you get two spins for a piece, so this might be a hit with players looking to spend as much time playing their game as possible. Choosing reels to hold can be fun, and you don’t have to pay extra like you would with features like Triple Edge/Microgaming’s HyperSpins, where repeated use can get expensive. Here, it’s free. Chicken Chase’s containment function may not be as sophisticated or great, but you can’t argue with the cost. Memorizing the game’s winning lines might help when choosing which reel to hold. Luckily, there were only 10 of them.

However, you often get what you pay for in life, and in terms of winning potential, Chicken Chase is almost nothing. Firstly, the maximum Bonus Spin is 150x, and that’s only if you get lucky with the trigger of the five bonus symbols. Second, if Chicken Chase reaches 210x stake in one game round, boom, that’s all, game over. We assume the max win frequency is high enough to compensate, but Pragmatic Play hasn’t downgraded the official status yet for us to verify.

We have a sneaky suspicion there won’t be too many degens lined up to do battle with Chicken Chase any time soon. To its credit, Chicken Chase doesn’t try to sell itself as a big win, big thrill game, as some light slots try to do. It is undemanding and pursues a specific market sector that is after a light and captivating style of slots.