Starburst Slot

Starburst Slot


Game title: Starburst

Game description: Reels: 5, Paylines: 10, RTP: 96.1%

Author: NetEnt

Starburst Slot Review

It is pretty easy to come to a conclusion about Starburst Slot as 30 seconds after you start playing, you will realize all the reasons why Starburst Slot is probably the most well known and favored slot machine in the world. 7 years old and still topping the chart kind of says it all.  Starburst is the slot that really put Netent on the map. If you have never played this slot before seriously give it a try! If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of  Starburst slot we suggest refreshing the screen. If the problem continues to persist please contact us.