How to Become a Casino Affiliate (Step-by-Step)

Here’s how to get started in casino affiliate marketing.

  1. Choose a market / niche
  2. Plan your website
  3. Build your website
  4. Sign up for affiliate programs
  5. Rank and bank (SEO + conversions)

1. Choose a Market / Niche

The first step to becoming a casino affiliate is choosing your target market / niche. You can choose a market based on location, type of gambling, a particular keyword, or a combination of all three.

  • Location: United States, Canada, UK, Denmark, Spain
  • Type of Gambling: Casino (Slots, Blackjack, Craps), Sports Betting, Poker
  • Keyword: Live Dealer Casinos, No Deposit Bonus Codes, Online Casino Reviews
  • Combination: Canadian Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

2. Planning Your Website

So why not build a large websites that target all markets?

It can be tempting for new affiliates to see the biggest casino affiliate websites and think they need to be another casino website that targets a hundred different countries and has 1000+ casino reviews. Don’t fall into that trap.

Some of the most successful affiliates I know started with very small niche gambling websites.

Smaller niche websites:

  • Are easier to start, build, and maintain
  • Are easier to get traffic in the short term, which allows you to test a market / niche for profitably
  • Allow you to learn casino affiliate marketing, SEO, etc with less investment

3. Build Your Website

You may have a few option to build your website

4. Sign up for affiliate program

What to look for in a casino affiliate program

There are many things that make a great casino affiliate program. Here are the big ones:

Integrity – You want to let everyone knowing that you are partnering with a well-respected gaming operation that holds all of its partners and players in the highest regard.

Speedy Payments – You want to make sure that every month, like clockwork, your commissions will be processed in a secure and timely manner.

Responsive marketing team – Look for programs that are well known for having responsive and helpful affiliate managers and support staff.

Recommended Casino Affiliate Programs

We have put together a list of those casino affiliate programs that we recommend. All of the programs listed, we at CR have worked with for a number of years. In addition, we have provided succinct reviews of each program that is recommended, detailing the pros and also cons if any, As a result, several if not all of the online casinos they represent can be found in our dedicated casino reviews section of the site.

Choosing who to promote on your website is a challenge in itself. Therefore the programs we recommend you can be sure are trustworthy and transparent. Otherwise, we would most certainly not be working with them, let alone recommend them.

5. Rank and Get Paid(SEO + conversions)

The minimum expenses to grow the ROI of your site is using SEO search engine optimization technique to rank all the niche keywords and get organic traffic. Basically , the workload is divided to onpage and offpage seo.

Recommended SEO Tools

  • SemRush ( )  or Ahrefs  ( ) Both are great, but Ahrefs is what I use. They are both web-based tools that provide extensive detailed analysis of your on page and off page SEO. It also allows you to do the same for competitor websites. 

Now should you decide to not go with any of these tools and utilities listed above, just ask yourself whether your competitors are and also the casino, sports books and poker rooms you promote. I can guarantee the vast majority of them are already using them. If they are not, then they should be.

We measure the conversions by

Total conversion = Total Affiliate Commission – Total Spend on SEO

Cost per lead = total spend of SEO / Registration

Cost per deposit = Total Deposit / Registration