Learning about Online Casino affiliate Commission plans

Commission Calculation

Net Total Revenue = (Gross Revenue – Total Fee- Chargeback – fraud) + Negative Revenue Carry Over

Total Extra Fee = Bonus Fee + CashBack Fee + Transaction Fee + Admin Fee

Gross Revenue = Game Revenue – Game Platform Fee

Game Platfrom Fee = Game Revenue X Game Platform Rate

Affiliate Total Commission = Net Revenue X Commission Rate

Commission Structure

N1 Active Player and (Tier 1 Revenue) Net Total Revenue –> Commission Tier 1

N2 Active Player and (Tier 2 Revenue) Net Total Revenue –> Commission Tier 2

N3 Active Player and (Tier 3 Revenue) Net Total Revenue –> Commission Tier 3

N4 Active Player and (Tier 4 Revenue) Net Total Revenue –> Commission Tier 4

Sometimes, CPA will be calculated seperatedly

Fixed CPA = # of Players Per Month CPA rate

Minimum deposit:

For CPA commissions to be triggered, players must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Deposit a certain dollar amount ($25, $50, $100, etc)
  • Wager a certain amount in the casino

How often am I paid?

Commissions are paid out once per month and are processed by the 15th of the month following your earnings month (for example; August’s earnings are paid in September). They are paid to the name that you used on the registration form by the payment method chosen on the registration form.

Is there a minimum I need to receive a payment?

Need to refer to the online casino contract

How can I see my statistics and earnings?

After you signed up the affiliate program, you will receive an affiliate login at the affiliate system backend to view your statistics and current earnings.

Can I view my traffic stats such as the number of clicks and conversions?

Yes, by logging into the affiliate backend you will be able to view impressions, clicks, signups and depositors, amongst other key performance indicators.

If I sell my website can I sell my affiliate account too?

When a ownership of a website changes, the ownership of that website’s sheet of players does not necessarily follow suit. Most affiliate programs will not allow you to transfer your account. However, its not difficult to register any affiliate account. the new owner can do that himself.